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Please note - Due to the large range of variations of this product, not all are in stock. Shipping can take up to 20 days from placement of order.


High Quality And Reliable

The measurement sensor of the XPOWER-S is located inside the jaws, which is the most stable and accurate measurement position. The XPOWER-S uses high-precision strain gauges and high-precision acceleration sensors with built-in intelligent temperature compensation algorithms to provide you with accurate and reliable power values at all times and in all locations.


XPOWER-S is a reliable and stable spider based power meter that is easy to use and install. Based on the excellent structural mechanics and electronic circuit design you can get ±1.5% accurate measurement of watts in every second.



Name Parameter
Weight 101 g / SRAM 110BCD
Accuracy +/- 1.5 %
Battery life 150 Hours


Battery Li-ion Battery
Wireless ANT+ / Bluetooth 4.0
Measure Type Spider
Power Range 0 – 2500 Watts
Cadence Range 30 – 220 RPM
Woking Temperature -10 – 50 ℃
Limited Warranty 16 Months
Limited Warranty Power, Cadence, Balance
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