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At only 475g with an aerodynamic 45mm deep profile, the U45 is our jack-of-all-trades rim. Whether you are chasing KOMs on the mountain or racing your buddies to the next checkpoint, this wheel is for you.


With a 45mm depth, this wheel offers all the aerodynamic benefits of a much deeper profile in a lighter package that’s easier to control in crosswinds. If there’s climbing to do, these could be your best choice.

Light Bicycle 45mm


High TG: Our new resin system and construction method, combined with the 3k rim track, withstands over 280°C, dissipates heat, and lowers rim temperatures faster in between braking efforts. Gain confidence-inspiring brake performance on the steepest descents and wettest conditions with our matching brake pads.


Graphene Brake Track : Graphene added to the rim brake track allows for greater resistance to overheating with improved heat dissipation and reduced temperature accumulation during heavy braking. The grooved track helps evacuate trapped moisture between pad and rim in the wet and brings more resistance when conditions are dry so less force at the lever is required. 


AeroTek: Our latest aerodynamic profile decreases lateral wind resistance and is both more stable and faster in a crosswind. A wider profile allows for larger and more efficient tires to be used without an aerodynamic penalty. Traditionally a tire can form a lightbulb shape when mounted on a narrow rim, but the airflow is much smoother with our wider rims.


DuoTek: Our clincher rims are manufactured in two pieces and then joined together. When designing the rims, our engineers, in every detail, demanded fewer joints. Fewer joints mean higher strength and stability.


TuffTek: A high-grade customized epoxy resin is used in our prepreg, creating a stable base for all of our road rims. Epoxy is less brittle than polyester resins and offers excellent flexural strength. Our consistent resin system, coupled with a precise layup schedule, allows for an extremely reliable and durable product.


Tubeless : All of our rims are tubeless compatible with bead seat retention. In most cases a floor pump is all that is needed to seal our rims. The bead shape is tailored to each rim width to achieve the best fit. Our hookless and clincher profiles have a smooth radius to reduce the chance of a pinch flat.


T700: Constructed with premium Toray T700 carbon fiber. The best strength to weight ratio with no expense spared.

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